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Spell Checker

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Hi everyone,


I want to see if anyone has a recommended Chrome extension or other plug in to assist with spelling/grammar checks. We use Grammarly, but that is not supported in email/blog, etc because of the iFrame. Are there any other tools anyone recommends since HubSpot removed spell check from the software?


Thanks all!


Elyse Flynn Meyer
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Hi @ElyseMeyer,


I'm not sure if the features have changed with the spell check, but it's now applied automatically according to this article. However, I'm still curious to hear how others handle spell check outside of the HubSpot editor. If there's a better solution, I'm all ears.


Great question!


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Josh Curcio

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Thanks, Josh! Yes, I think that means that the browser-based spell check should work, but it looks like the iFrame is even blocking that. It works in other parts of the tool, but not in email, blogs, landing page, website pages. It works if you're putting in a support ticket and on social though. I'll keep you posted if I hear of anything as well, or as people reply to the thread!


Elyse Flynn Meyer

It would also be nice to have a spell check feature integrated into the new chat feature, but also specifically on blogs, emails, landing pages, ect, would also be helpful. (Please read that VERY helpful). Everyone needs a spot check.  It's nice to have a backup.


Hey @SuzNGF,


This idea discusses implementing a spell checker feature; I would recommend upvoting it if you're interested.



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Yep!  I found that and upvoted it already this afternoon!




Has anyone found a solution to the removal of the spellcheck feature? I use Chrome and spelling errors don't show up in my emails/landing pages/blog pages/website pages. It would be really helpful to have a solution.


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