Shopify Integration - Uninstalling

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I installed the Shopify native integration and added some dummy products and orders.


Everything worked great, looked great and I was excited.


I've now uninstalled the HubSpot integration and deleted the integration at the Shopify end.


I am left with the dummy products in the HubSpot Product Library and because they were installed by Shopify I can't delete them in HubSpot.


I don't know if there is a preferred order for removing an integration, but, these products can not be removed from HubSpot Product Library and the integration does not exist any more in Shopify.


So I am a bit stuck on next steps.


Anyone else experienced this issue?


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Q: Shopify Integration - Uninstalling - Anyone else experienced this issue?


Short A: Sure.


Longer A

You may delete your Ecommerce Deals Pipeline to remove the products. However, you will still need to get HubSpot support to assist with removing the following:


- Ecommerce Contact Property Group and its eight (8) Custom Contact Properties
(possibly only 1 Custom Contact Property remains after the integration is uninstalled)


- Shopify Contact Property Group and its eight (8) Custom Contact Properties


- Ecommerce Deal Property Group and its six (6) Custom Deal Properties


- Shopify Deal Property Group and and its twenty (20) Custom Deal Properties


- Ecommerce Dashboard

HubSpot integrations that add data to the HubSpot CRM are NOT deleted during uninstall (by design) to protect from unintentional data loss.


Hope that helps solve this for you.





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Hope that helps.





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Sadly that did not resolve the issue.

I also had a quirky follow up issue.


Even though the Shopify integration has been deleted from both Shopify and HubSpot I continue to get new dummy contacts in the database created by 


I can delete them, but no sooner are they deleted they add back in.

Very peculiar.