Shopify Integration - How do I create a list of contacts who have purchased specific product?

Happy Friday! I have a HubSpot/Shopify integration question I could use a little help with. I'd like to create a list in HubSpot of folks who have purchased a specific product in Shopify.
I keep seeing the suggestion to use line item properties. I can use the line item property "name," to identify anyone who has added the product to their shopping cart. I don't see a line item property that indicates a purchase has been made. So, using "name" alone will include anyone who has abandoned cart or all of the other deal stages that exist before making an actual purchase.
I've also tried using deal properties. I can use the deal property "deal stage" to identify anyone who has completed a purchase. I don't see a deal property that identifies the product being purchased.
I've tried using line item "name" AND deal stage "shipped," but HubSpot isn't smart enough to know that I want to refer to the same deal. So that returns a list of anyone who added the product to their shopping cart AND also bought something at any point.
I'm sure that I'm missing something obvious. Anyone have any ideas?
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Thank you, Pam! I appreciate the help.

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Hi @TonyPaille ,

 As line items are unique to each portal I'm not certain of the set up you might be running. Nonetheless here's my recommendations based on what I'm understanding,


  1. Is there any property that they use to identify a purchase being made? This could be the deal property 'close date' for example (which would refer to the date that the sale was made). If there is any identifier for the sale in HubSpot then this property itself would be the best indicator of an actual purchase.


  1. Filtering for the deal stage 'shipped' should return contacts who are associated with deals that are in that stage alone; if the deals are not moved from 'shipped' to 'received' for example then that would be the reason why they still show up


Assuming there is a quote sent out or an email receipt sent out to confirm the purchase, the list could be filtered based on contacts who have received these.

I do believe the shopify integration should communicate particular details to HubSpot that could help narrow this down! although there are a lot of properties for sure it's just a matter of finding the right one!

Hope this helps!

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