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Hi--We're a small startup with HubSpot and SalesForce but our SalesForce skills are pretty basic (though growing fast). I'm looking for help creating a SF campaign to import a select group of leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities into HubSpot. When I try to create a campaign, it's only showing me a short list of leads to choose from, no filters or anything, which is confusing. 


We have our HubSpot Integration User set up in SF and I *think* we set it up correctly so that the user can see only what we need to import, but I'm not 100% sure. 


@bradmin if you happen to reply to this I will be oh so thankful; @MFrankJohnson says you're the expert and says "Hi." 

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Hello @jackieru 


Thank you for tagging some users, I will be also tagging some top experts, @lynton@StefaniUAT@trevorjones71 would you be able to share your thoughts with @jackieru?


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Found a couple relevant vids from the Shelll Black video archives ...

Salesforce Campaigns Part 1 - Overview and Creating a Campaign

Salesforce Campaigns Part 2 - Overview and Creating a Campaign


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