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Hi all, does anyone know how to prevent the second step from happening? The "Salesforce property changed by the matching record in Salesforce"--this is causing us sooo many issues and I have tried everything. Or what it feels like at least. What I haven't tried is adding delays but I'm not entirely sure where I would add that delay in my workflow. Ideally, I want Salesforce changes to stop from syncing with Hubspot but I can't do that because then Hubspot doesn't sync anything to Salesforce at all, so that means the workflows wouldn't even work, right? 



Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 1.56.10 PM.png


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Community Manager

Salesforce Integration

Hello @DGazibara  how are you? I wanted to add a few top experts to share their ideas, @trevorjones71 @StefaniUAT any recommendations to @DGazibara?


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