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Salesforce Integration - Duplicate Emails - Selective Sync


Hi HS Experts, 

I'm trying to integrate SF with HS; however, we have a lot of duplicate emails in the Contact level as our business model can accept Contacts with the same email ID to have multiple accounts. The duplicate emails make the integration with HS a challenging process because HS will merge the Contacts and it will mess up the Companies (especially when it comes to financial information). 


We tried to do the Selective Sync from SF by sending only the Mother account and the Contacts that are associated to the sub-accounts. We created a rule that SF will sync only the Accounts with Account Record Type "Mother".  Unfortunately didn't work because once you start adding Contacts to the sub-Accounts, SF syncs the entire Contacts/sub-Accounts/Mother Accounts.


Can you please let me know if any of you have experienced something similar? 




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Hi Nikolas! 


Unfortunately this falls outside the scope of what HubSpot's native app can handle. The best option for you would be to add a custom integration to run in addition to the native sync.


If you have more questions about what a custom integration could look like, feel free to book a meeting with my coworker Rob Bowles or email him at rob.bowles@lyntonweb.com. We handle custom HubSpot integrations like this all the time and may be able to clear up some questions for you. 


Have a great weekend!

- Kelly Groover