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Has anyone had any success connecting Salesforce CPQ with HubSpot? The only solution I'm seeing for it is a 3rd party connector through Workato. 

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Hi @ryanruud,


Thanks for reaching out.

I'm going to loop in some of our experts.


Hi @trevorjones71 @bradmin, do you have any thoughts on this that you could share with @ryanruud ?




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Thanks for the tag @JessicaH  - unfortunately not using CPQ at this time, although we do have the Salesforce Connector installed.  Sorry I couldn't help on this one.


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Hi, @ryanruud. I'm not certain this is something you can configure with HubSpot natively. Your opportunity products and quotes are not objects that the connector talks to. You'd have an easier time triggering automation in HubSpot to make updates in Salesforce with Salesforce-side business logic, than the other way around. 

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I'm probably wrong. I may not be right about that.