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SalesForce Duplicating Tasks

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Have a question regarding a Hubspot campaign and the SalesForce sync creating a lot of duplicate tasks:


Currently, we are working on a campaign (e-mail campaign) for an event. We synced the Salesforce campaign with the HubSpot campaign. We have a problem here, because every time someone opens the mail, it creates a task in Salesforce.


Basically, that is very fine, except someone opened this mail 50 times. Here an example with only 4 times opened:


Is there a possibility to limit the amount of the same task?


When it was opened once, that is basically all we need to know on the Salesforce side. A second or 50th time is not necessary to know.


This happens for both automated and batch and blast emails.


I think this is a HubSpot problem, but if it's something on the SalesForce side and there's direction to be given please let me know, as well.



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In that screenshot with the activity history, Salesforce is doing exactly as it is intended to do which is to show all activity.  Personally speaking, I wouldn't recommend showing an email open because people can open an email multiple times.  It's typically a matter of an invisible pixel loading in the email. It may be better to only track emails sent and clicked which shows you 2 things: 1. whether it was received and 2. whether they interacted with it.