SAP CRM Integration Scoping

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Has anyone had to scope out a Hubspot - SAP CRM Integration and would you be willing to share?

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Thank you for your post @megankeleshian !


I've found some Community conversations around SAP CRM integrations but this one has quite lots of comments from other Community members-

Tagging in @flowbird and @lfr - would you mind sharing your experience if you have?


Hi @megankeleshian ,


Thank you for tagging me @natsumimori. Indeed, at Elixir Solutions, we have built and successfully implemented integrations between HubSpot and different SAP products, including SAP CRM, C4C and many more. We are partners of SAP and Diamond partners of HubSpot.

Here are some examples of projects that included such integrations :

For more information, visit our website and page dedicated to the integrations with SAP : You can also send us an email at 


Have a good day!