Reconnecting Shopify store remove custom deal stage from ecommerce pipeline


Our Setup:


1x HubSpot CRM

3x Shopify Stores connected to HS CRM

Custom Deal Stage in ecommerce pipeline


Three weeks ago, HubSpot stopped importing data from one of our stores.

At which point we reconnected the Shopify Store to HubSpot.


To discover that by doing this the custom deal stage that we had added were removed.


Now for the past week, our Pending Checkout and Abandoned Checkout stop importing as well on all of your sites. At which point we reconnected the sites again to resolve this issue. But again our custom deal stage that we added back were removed. 


At HubSpot please investigate this issue as this is a big issue for us.


Update: Today I added a fourth site and again the deal stage in the ecommerce pipeline got removed again. This is bad.




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Community Manager

Hi @nrathwell,


I apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry. 


Are you still experiencing this issue? 


If you are, I would like to partner with the team regarding this matter. To confirm, the issue is that the integration stopped working, causing you to reconnect the integration, which resulted in the loss of custom deal stages. 


Thank you,