Push Notification Service‎ - what to use?

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We are constructing a PWA where we also want to leverage the possibility of communicating via Push Messages from the browser.


Currently we are testing OneSignal but it quickly becomes its won data silo without any connections to our Hubspot strategy.


Is there any service that has an integrations where we can trigger push messags in the workflows from Hubspot.


Possible Scenario:
- Someone adds Shoes to their Basket

- We update it as a deal in Hubspot

- The flow triggers that any deals connected to a user with shoes in them should get a push

- Hubspot triggers a push with a specific message for that flow to an extrenal service

- That external service push the message


Any suggestions?

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Hi @DavidN ,

  Let's take a look! While I'm not aware of any integrations that allow you to push browser notifications to your customers, I know that users have had great success pushing SMS Text message alerts to their clients by using a tool called SalesMSG! Here is a link to SalesMSG's documentation on this integrations just in case. While this integration wasn't built out by HubSpot, it may be the best way to accomplish your goal!

Thank you,
Kevin Campbell
HubSpot Community Support