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I’m test-driving HubSpot. I've set up 10 contact properties in Hubspot that match properties in a form on my website (WordPress with Elementor). Oddly all but three of these values get applied to the contact in Hubspot.

When I investigate in a contact record, the properties that aren’t working have this message: There has never been a value set for this property.

I’m not sure which end the issue is on - Hubspot or the Elementor form. In Hubspot when I compare working vs non-working properties I am unable to spot any differences. This is Hubspot's conformation email to meThis is Hubspot's conformation email to me


In fact, the email notification from Hubspot shows the data correctly. It just doesn’t write to the contact record. In the attachment, the three fields highlighted do not write to the contact records

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Could be due to non-single-line text property types?NoteNote- see Use non-HubSpot forms



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