On24 > Tibco Scribe > Hubspot Integration

I've begun the integration with On24 > Tibco Scribe > Hubspot and have run into some issues. I'm curious if anyone else is using On24 and Hubspot (and Salesforce would be an added plus) and how you are setting up workflows.

To use HubSpot forms, we have to use a webhook to send the data. What I'm noticing though is there is a specific eventid and key used in the URL for the POST call, and that within HubSpot - there isn't a way to dynamically create that URL from HubSpot properties.

We were thinking we could pass the eventid and key from hidden fields on the form to HubSpot to then dynamically create that webhook, however, it doesn't look like it's possible. If this is the case - then it looks like we need to create a new workflow for every single webinar, right? We run 10+ webinars a month so this could easily eat up our workflows.

Digging past just passing registration information - I'm not seeing how we are going to be able to capture attended or attended on-demand information into Hubspot either. It looks like they just overwrite a property value... If the value is always overwritten how do we collect post-event information, and even more importantly, pass that data to salesforce where we house our campaigns?

I guess my question is - how are other people managing this integration?
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Hello @DJeremenko , I'm not very familiar with this integration I will add some top experts to this conversation.


Hey, @Josh @webdew  @darynsmith do you have any experience with the ON24 webinar platform to share any advice to @DJeremenko matter?


Thank you,


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