Not all fields from website form are importing

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I'm seeing contact submisssions from our website come through to HubSpot, although the message part and multiple choice selection doesn't come through. I've not had this before and not sure what could be causing it...any idea?

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How is the form integrated with Hubspot, are you relying on Hubspot's form auto-capture? I would suggest creating a Hubspot form and embedding it on your wordpress site. You can also edit styling once you've embedded it as you can handle styling using CSS on your Wordpress site if you're planning on embedding the form as raw HTML. By using a Hubspot form embedded on your website, you can ensure that all fields are captured and pushed directly into Hubspot. Also please don't forget to install your Hubspot tracking code as that works in tandem with your form.

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Hi @sophieburnett 


@allenmontellano Is correct that the safest way to ensure that you are capturing all of the form data is to embed a HubSpot form on your external website.


With thaty said, you CAN improve the performance of the "Collected Forms" tool in HubSpot by ensuring that there is an EXACT MATCH between the form field names on your website and the Database Field name in HubSpot.  If there is a mismatch, Collected Forms doesn't know where to put the data from the form field and it isn't captured. 


Make sense?  Hope this helps.



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