Mailchimp integration - Contact is archived.

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We have integrated Mailchimp to Hubspot using a non-hubspot form. 
Whenever a form is submitted from the site, the email address will be added automatically to a list/audience in Mailchimp. However, after few hours the email address will automatically be tagged as archived with this information: "The contact is archived."


What could be the issue here? I'm not sure if there are certain field/s in Mailchimp we need to send from hubspot.



Hope someone could help. Thank you!



Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 4.25.10 PM.png

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Hi @jjimeno ,


I researched the internal resoureces, however, I wasn't able to find information around this "archived" tag being automatically applied to the contacts.

@andrus have you ever experienced this behaviour before? 

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Haven't come across auto-archiving. If anything is done automatically it smells like something related to Workflows, so I'd start from reviewing these. 

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Thank you @andrus for your insight!

@jjimeno , I think it's best to connect with the technical support team(In your account "Help" > "Contact support") on this matter as this requires private information from your account to investigate further. It'd be great if you can share the findings in this thread once you know it, so that other Community members can refer to it!

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Hi @natsumimori and @andrus  thank you for the reply! 


Alright, I will contact the technical support team 🙂