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Mailchimp Sync: Error Code 400?



Can you advise on this error, please?


Hubspot Mailchimp Synch Error.png

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Mailchimp Sync: Error Code 400?

Hi @Saadain,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


I moved your question to a new board to make sure it gets visibility.


This error suggests that your merge tags aren't set up correctly within Mailchimp - particularly with your field 'ADDRESS'. This error should disappear if you ensure that your merge tags are set up correctly.


As Mailchimp is external to HubSpot, I'm not able to offer too much specific troubleshooting for getting those merge tags configured correctly, but I did find this help page which hopefully can point you in the right direction: 


You could also reach out to their support team as they would be able to access things on the Mailchimp side and assist you with this merge tag issue. 


I hope this helps!




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