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HELLO Community! Smiley Happy


Im looking forward to create a campaign where i can be able to captures some leads with the strategy "Member Get Member" I have some referral programs but of course i want to integrate it with Hubspot. 


Can anybody please help me out? I want to make an awesome and creative campaign but first i need to understand which program use from hubspot or which is the better way through, THANKS IN ADVANCE ❤

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Hi @stefanianoriega,


Do you mind explaining a bit more about what you are looking to create? 

What's your end goal? What's your roadblock? How can the Community help? 


The more information, screenshots and detail you can share, the better the Community can assist.



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@stefanianoriega the way we have done this before is by creating two custom fields in the contact record:


1. Referral Name

2. Referral Email Address


Then when a member/contact completes the form asking for you to refer a new member/contact. 


On submission of form, start a workflow. And then use the send an internal email option to send an introduction email to the new referred email address.

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Thanks so much for sharing.

I was thinking to integrate a platform like Referral Rock (which can be integrated w/Hubspot) but in the other hand, i think we can also costumate it from here. Using costume referral fields + referral form + workflow that can also help to create a member get member campaing to get started. Am I right?


Have a nice day, 

Thanks again Smiley Happy

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@stefanianoriega yes absolutely, you can get started with that and then once you have completed a proof of concept you can look at getting an integration built with something like Referral Rock.


There seems to be an integration built by RR into HS:


And otherwise they have a great API, so you can easily create something to sync the two. Here is a On The Bench Service Bundle relating to an integration: