LinkedIn, Twitter Updating Character Limits


I have already tried following the instructions in a HubSpot post but to no avail. The issue is:

1) I have the free HubSpot account

2) I have a free basic LinkedIn account, and not Sales Navigator


What I'm trying to achieve:

  1. I've already sent some InMails to some existing LinkedIn contacts of mine and others who have an open LinkedIn profile
  2. I'm trying to import these InMails while at the same time creating a Contact so that I don't have to do manual entry
  3. I then want to assign all my Linkedin inmails to a "campaign" so that I can track who ended up replying, etc.
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Community Manager

Hi @ashca


Can you please clarify where you are getting stuck? I'm not sure what the specific roadblock is. Any additional information or screenshots you can provide would be great. 


Thank you,

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