Lead Conversion to Contact not writing to campaign

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We are encountering an issue with our sfdc and hubspot integration. Leads are able to be updated and created seamlessley (based on our inclusions list) between CRM and hubspot. The issue we are encountering is after a lead is converted to a contact in SFDC. When this happens, it seems that hubspot stops tracking the person's campaign activity.


Example: john.doe@gmail.com is converted to contact in salesforce. He is still active on the site and completes a form for a whitepaper that is set up to add him to a salesforce campaign upon submission. When he does this, he receives his whitepaper and we can see his submission in hubspot. However, in Salesforce, the campaign activity doesn't show up on his contact record, or in the campaign itself.



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Hi @mbraziti23 


To the best of my knowledge (there is always something I don't know when it comes to Salesforce), the HubSpot connector should be able to update both leads and contacts in the same way. A couple of things to check/confirm:


  • Is there anything unusual about your lead conversion process that would break the link with the contact record in HubSpot?
  • Are there any sync errors reported on the contact record on in the integration settings area?
  • Are the forms in question, on the pages in question, set to assign the correct Salesforce campaign and does it work when leads submit and/or applied manually

Maybe this can help us get closer to the root cause.


Hope this helps.

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Hi @mbraziti23 


As @Phil_Vallender mentioned, please check the settings. If the settings are correct, there'd not be an issue, IMO.


How do you add HubSpot contacts to Salesforce campaign? Do you use the workflows? Do you directly use the form field to map to Salesforce campaign? 


I'd suggest checking your HubSpot workflows and Forms. 



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