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Landing page with selection of GoToWebinar events

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I want to setup a landing page for a webinar that will be offered in 3 different time zones.

So I want regisrants to be able to choose which time they prefer and then open the GTW form. I know in today's integration there can be only one form of GTW per page. Do you have any idea to go around this issue and offer what I want (I'm open to move to Zoom if needed)

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Just because it's a landing page (LP) doesn't mean it can't lead to yet ANOTHER LP! Emoticono feliz


LP1 - Register for our excellent HubSpot webinar!
- CTA1 - Mon, 12pm PST (which leads to your GTW LP2 for PST)
- CTA2 - Mon, 12pm CST (which leads to your GTW LP2 for CST)
- CTA3 - Mon, 12pm EST (which leads to your GTW LP2 for EST)

- &/or -


In the invitation email, use multiple CTAs each of which bypass our LP1 and link directly to the corresponding LP2.


Make sense?


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Hope that helps.





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True, but it makes it a two-step registration.

I would prefer that once they select the time, the form shows up and let them sign up to the right one, or even have multiple times drop down as one of the registration form fields. Can you think of a way to do it?


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Hi @gil1001,


Depending on your subscription you could use dependent fields within the form.


@MFrankJohnson can you think of any other solutions? 



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