Issue with Lifecycle Stages and Salesforce


Hi there !


We have an issue with our Lifecycle Stages.

At the moment, our flow is as follows :
1. Contacts come in (e.g. via Hubspot forms)
2. Contacts stay into our funnel until they real MQL stage, and then they get synched to Salesforce, where they turn into Leads that are taken care of by salespeople.
3. When qualified, salespeople promote them to [Contacts + Account + Opportunity] ; basically, the Lead gets an Opportunity attached to it. That automatically sets its Lifecycle Stage to Opportunity.


The problem is, when we do reporting in Hubspot using the Lifecycle Stage, it makes contacts look like they just skipped the SQL stage completely ; they went straight from MQL to Opportunity. So if we want to have a report that shows in a funnel who got to certain Lifecycle Stages, some data doesn't show up, or we need two parallel reports : one that shows contacts that went from MQL to SQL, and one that shows those who went from MQL to Opportunity.


Has anyone had a similar problem ? How did you fix it ?

I'd be happy if we could do funnel reports in Hubspot based on custom fields, that would solve everything, but it doesn't seem to be an option at the moment...


Thanks for your input !

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Hi @LeKevoid 


It doesn't sound like your business actually uses SQL in its process, which is fine. You can just remove it from funnel reports if it isn't adding any value. I see this quite often where an SQL is basically equivalent to an opportunity in many cases. 


If you do actually have an SQL stage, you will need to create a combination of mapped properties and HubSpot workflows to move contacts to SQL after they sync to salesforce but before the lead gets converted to a contact/or an opportunity is created. 


If you need more help with this, can indicate what your SQL criteria look like? 

Hope this helps.

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