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Interactive Spreadsheet into a landing page...

I looking to see if anyone knows how to drop an interactive excel sheet into a landing page - we are looking to host a report that allows people to use filters and see specific graphs.  The content remains in the excel sheet, but we are looking to host it in a landing page.  


Any ideas, thoughts would be welcome!


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Interactive Spreadsheet into a landing page...

Hi @ChrissieJ ,


Great advice from Colin so please give that a go!


An alternative approach (if the above for some reason doesn't work as expected) which isn't using HubSpot is to use a no-code tool such as Softr to display this information for you. Please let me know if you need any guidance or advice on Softr.


Alternatively you could also host the data in Airtable and use their interfaces to achieve this.


Many thanks,


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Interactive Spreadsheet into a landing page...

Hi  @ChrissieJ ,


you should be able to embed an Excel workbook hosted in OneDrive:

You can post the embed code into a rich text module on your HubSpot landing page.

Just FYI: You can also password-protect your landing page, if you don't want to have the report data on a public landing page.


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