Integrating discount codes from Shopify


Trying to figure out a way to view discount codes created in Shopify in Hubspot. Seems like it would be a simple "Discount Code" property but nothing I have tried works. I can determine discount amount, but as a store that tests different codes for the same amount frequently, that's not helpful at all. I can manually add the custom property and codes, but since Shopify is not communicating them to Hubspot, they're meaningless. Any ideas? 

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I'm curious to know if our experts have had any similar experiences and what would they advise in this case. 


Hey @darynsmith @Bryantworks @Phil_Vallender any thoughts about this that you could share with @WeatherFlow?




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Hi @WeatherFlow ,

Fom what I can see here, looks like custom fields (point number two) don't sync into Hubspot, and also referring to this, under orders, discount codes are not listed, looking through a previous case, you would have to use an APi such as the one found here or importing an external file that would sync in this way!

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Hey @WeatherFlow while the native HubSpot doesn't sync custom fields like this, you could do this with Zapier, or Unifics Shopify Sync (I personally recommend this one).  You would simply pass the "Discount Code" field to the contact in a "Recently used discount" with the Zap/bot (Zapier vs, or you could do a sort of lookup to update the deal object with either of those tools as well.  


Let me know if you have any questions!

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