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Integrating UI Path

Has anybody successfully integrated the tool "UI Path" without giving users "Super Admin" permissions?


We have been able to install the integration successfully but only after we give our the user who will be running the integration "Super Admin" permissions which we do not want to do. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Integrating UI Path

Hey @SOps6, thank you for posting in our Community!


First, review the specific permissions that the UI Path integration requires. Determine if there are any specific actions or resources that necessitate "Super Admin" permissions.


Super Admins and users with Add and edit users permissions in your HubSpot account can change a user's permissions. Users must log out of the account and back in before updates to their permissions will take effect.


After adjusting the permission settings, thoroughly test the integration to ensure it functions correctly without needing "Super Admin" permissions. This testing phase is crucial to validate that the integration works as expected while adhering to the desired permission structure.


I hope this information helps,


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