Integrating Hubspot with Clickfunnel


I am asking on behalf of a client who is wanting to integrate their hubspot account with their clickfunnel account in order to sent automated emails.


They currently have the free system, and I am asking:

1) Can Hubspot and Clickfunnel be integrated

2) Can you set for automated emails to be sent in Hubspot linked to Clickfunnel

3) Is an upgrade needed of Hubspot needed in order to do the above.


She is currently using MailChimp but if possible I would like to use Hubspot as it makes sense from a CRM perspective.

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Community Manager

Hey @EastopScopesVA 


It seems like there are some ways to integrate with ClickFunnels, so I will leave some links below:


This integration is not a native HubSpot integration, so I would recommend you to check with the connector to get further information about the integration.


I hope this helps


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