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My company uses both Hubspot and Netsuite separately for different purposes. I am looking to implement a bridge to share data and provide closed-loop reporting, and contact segmentation. Has anyone completed the same project? looking to identify best practices/pitfalls before I proceed with my plan

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Hi @pianam,


I would recommend talking to @Trumeter from TruJay regarding this. They may have a solution for you already...and if not, they'll know where to find it.



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Thanks Josh!


Hey @pianam!  Glad to have my team get on a call with you and review your project needs and see if we are a fit.  We built a middleware solution specific to HubSpot - to connect HubSpot to everything else, ERP systems being a primary focus.


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Hi @pianam we've built a bridge for a property services client between HubSpot and NetSuite - it sync's contacts, companies and then all the products setup in NetSuite that they client has purchased are created as Deals linked to Products. They then use this to cross-sell to their existing client base.


We're also about to implement a bridge between NetSuite eCommerce and HubSpot.


What we have seen from scoping out projects, is that NetSuite is highly configurable, with custom objects etc. and so although a lot of the out-of-the-box middleware will sync basic fields, if you want an integration to address specific business needs, you need to go custom.


Happy to chat more ( or

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