Hubspot & Mailchimp integration – Any other way to collect contacts than from pop-ups?


Hi there,


I am trying to connect Mailchimp and Hubspot and am curious whether I can connect them in any other way than pop-ups that allow me to see the activity feed.


Is there any other option? 


I know I can send leads from Hubspot to Mailchimp (and use them for drip campaigns) through Zapier, but then I wouldn't see the activity in Hubspot CRM.

(I use free versions of both Hubspot and Mailchimp)

Thank you for letting me know!



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Community Manager

Hey @MarekHozak 


I apologize for the delay in answering your question, we have a similar question posted in the community in this thread that was answered by @Mike_Eastwood , where he mentioned that "You can synchronize everything with Zapier but it's a bit of work and you will probably need the paid version of HubSpot. With a little upfront work your life will be much easier using HubSpot Strater."


I hope this helps,





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