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3 (1).pngBuild interactive content - as easy as drag and drop!'s interactive content builder can now be navitely integrated with HubSpot.
Here's a few examples of what you can do with it:


  • Embed any interactive content on your website to start a conversation with your visitors
    website.pngTurn visitors into customers with early segmentation
  • Create surveys, quizzes and import the results into your HubSpot CRM the second they are submitted5 (1).pngFind out what your customers really want
  • Set up follow up emails for’s forms and lead pages to continue the conversation6 (1).pngCollect data and actually use it to help your customers
  • Collect and analyze data from interactive payment pages and calculators with HubSpot reports
  • 4.png
  • Make lists based on your users’ answers and use list membership to trigger personalised workflows1 (1).pngEngage your users with interactive content

    Have a go at it and tell us what you think! We're excited to hear your feedback.
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Can't find it on the App Marketplace.

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