HubSpot User properties can't map to Salesforce!?

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The HubSpot Owner field works great! It syncs with our Salesforce lead/contact owner field in both directions.


When you map a custom HubSpot User field (e.g., "Sales Manager") to a Salesforce user field, you'd think the two fields would sync just like the default owner field does.




The value only syncs when it is set on the Salesforce side. If you try to set the value on the HubSpot side, it tries to write the HubSpot Owner ID to Salesforce and you get a reference error. Salesforce has no idea what the HubSpot Owner ID is!


The thing is, if you look at a contact record with the API, HubSpot HAS the Salesforce userID in a field called remoteID but they're not using it. 😞


I opened a support ticket but they suggested I use this method, which is a maintenance nightmare.


Anyone else struggling with this?

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Hi, @robsobers. The short answer is that, other than reading the user ID (and checking to see whether IsActive = true), there's not much else on the user schema the connector talks to. 


If the user info you want on the contact is dependent on the owner of the record, you'll be able to accomplish this with formula fields. Create a calculated field on leads and contacts, pointing to $Owner.[field value] (these could even be things related to the user, like $Owner.Profile.Name or $Owner.Role.Name), and map that to HubSpot, then resync records. 


Until the connector can talk to the user schema the same way it can other standard objects, you'll need calculated fields or some Salesforce-side automation (like workflows or Apex stamping user values into mapped properties on leads or contacts) to handle this use case. The same logic applies for other objects the connector doesn't talk to natively, or doesn't talk to completely - you'll need to create calculated fields representing the related thing, and map those to HubSpot on objects the connector does talk to granularly. 

Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
I'm probably wrong. I may not be right about that.