HubSpot Native Shopify Integration 101: How to segment data in HubSpot

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Hello all,


I hope everyone is excited for INBOUND2019. For anyone attending hopefully I will see you there. Smiley Happy This is the third in a series of videos focusing on the native integration Hubspot provides with Shopify. In the last post I spoke about "How data syncs between the two systems" and before that we looked at "How to setup the integration". In this post I'm going to talk about how we can use the eCommerce data to segment and better understand our audience from within HubSpot.


The data that syncs over from Shopify into HubSpot can be incredibly useful in helping you to understand your customers buying habits. In doing so you can identify opportunites to cross-sell or up-sell to your customers. Or alternativley create lists of customers that have purchased from you several times and reach out to reward them for their loyalty! Some things I've seen implemented in the past with are:


  • Create a list of contacts who have purchased specific product(s)
  • Create a list of contacts who have purchased products with specific tags
  • Create a list of contacts that have X amount of deals associated
  • Create a list of contacts who have a total revenue of over X amount
  • Create a list of contacts who have not purchased in X amount of time

For more information check out the video below:


Check out this Video


I hope that this has been useful to you and helps highlight how you can being to leverage that eCommerce data to better segment your contacts and optimize your campaigns as a result. Be as creative as you like and as always if you've any questions please leave a comment below and I'll do my best to help. 


sprocket-web-color.pngHappy HubSpotting!

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