How to use Primary and Secondary emails when syncing with Salesforce

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We are syncing HubSpot with Salesforce and I am receiving the following sync error "Primary Email Changed". Since HubSpot supports multiple emails per contact record, which is a good thing, is there a workaround I can use that won'timage for hubspot forum.jpg affect the Salesforce sync? I am thinking of adding "Email 2" but how would I set this up for HubSpot to sync that secondary email to the correct field in Salesforce? What are other businesses doing?



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Hey @Jonnydk 


Apologize for the delayed answer and thank you for the information provided. 


Hey @Phil_Vallender @bradmin could you please share your thoughts with @Jonnydk?




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Yeah, I would offer users the ability to decide whether an email is primary or secondary and not do it automatically for them. We are using Salesforce, so any automation that HubSpot does affects our integration especially when it is emails... Maybe the product team can give users the option to automate this instead of adding the new email as a primary email address... Maybe its also better to add the additional email to an "Email 2" field instead of the same email field...

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Hi @Jonnydk 


I'm investigating the same issue at the moment as it happens, and I'm trying to understand all aspects of it before choosing a solution. 


What's actually triggering this issue for you? If contact updates their email address via form, the original address is pushed to secondary and the associated object is updated in Salesforce. But this error seems to indicate that a separate contact in Salesforce now has the original email address as there primary and cannot sync. 


Is this what you're seeing?

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