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Since many companies have recently implemented working from home, we would like to tell you how the integration of GoToWebinar with HubSpot works. This application allows you to create conferences, meetings, events or even train your employees online.


What is the webinar?


An example of a webinar would be, for example, when a HubSpot worker organizes an online session, open to the public, to give tips on how to create workflows and attendees can ask questions and give feedback in real-time.


If you do not yet have a GoToWebinar account you can opt for the 7-day free trial, and if you are already registered, you can integrate it with Hubspot following the steps below:


1..Go to this link:

2. Click on "connect application" at the top right

3. Enter your GoToWebinar username and password and when it's done, you're in!

4.You will then see in your HubSpot account >> Integrations >> Connected Applications >> GoToWebinar.


Clicking on the GoToWebinar title as shown in the picture, you will see that all past and future events have been synchronized, but the data synchronization of future webinars is turned off by default.


If you want all the information to be transferred, check the "Automatically synchronize data from future webinars" box and the "synchronize" boxes in the rest. 



After selecting the checkbox, you will be able to see the number of registered users:


And the webinar record will also appear in the contact's activity:


Apart from transferring the data, what else can you do with the integration?


You have several tools within HubSpot that you can take advantage of:

  • Adding registration forms to landing pages.
  • Create lists of those who register, attend or do not attend.
  • Workflows
  • Hubspot Score

  • Insert a webinar form on the landing page

1. Create the form on the Marketing tab >> Lead Capture >> Form.

2. You can create one from scratch or select a specific "Event Registration" template.



3.Make sure to ask for the mail, first and last name as fields within your form.

4.Navigate to your landing page (Marketing tab >> website) and insert the form + webinar. Select the webinar that is linked to your form:



  • Create lists to find out who has signed up for the event

In the contacts tab >> lists >> select the filter "GoToWebinar webinars":


Webinar ListWebinar List



  • Workflows using the webinar criteria/filters

  • Hubspot scores 




You can find more information about GoToWebinar integration in our knowledge base article and in the FAQ.


How do you make the most of GoToWebinar and Hubspot integration? How this integration helped you and your business going remote these days? 


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New Contributor

hello, is there a way to integrate poll results from gotowebinars in Hubspot ? It will help me a lot for nurturing... It doesn't seem to be possible through the standard integration... What about with Integromat or Zapier ? Or can I export indivual poll results from Gotomeeting and then upload in Hubspot ?

HubSpot Moderator

Hi @victorleygues ,


Thanks for your reply. That is a great question!


Currently GotoWebinar, as far as I am concern doesn't offer that option directly.


Depending on how you are looking to set up and analyze the poll, Integromat or Zapier could be a good option.


Exporting and importing the data in Hubspot is also an alternative. To record this data in Hubspot you will need to create a custom property to registered the data. From here you could analyze this property, for example, using our reports tool.


One more alternative is using forms to create polls. With specific properties that will allow you to analyze them later on too.


Another option is using one of our poll integrations listed in our ecosystem:`


I also found this integration that allows you to embed polls directly in your web: Which it could a good option. You could use a specific webpage or Landing Page, created just for the webinar with the poll embedded and from there you can do that poll live during your webinar. I personally, like this idea, as can make the interaction more fun.


Please check out other options of great polls apps available within our Blog post 10 Best Scheduling, Polls, & Survey Tools for Your Team.


I hope this helps you with your end goal. In case it doesn't and you have more questions, let me know.



Kira Robot Happy