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How to setup a registration process for Zoom meetings

We're trying to set up a registration process for our Zoom Welcome Calls for new customers. 

These calls are currently held through recurring Zoom meetings on a shared account. The same email account has a Hubspot seat.

Currently, we just share a link to this calendar where members can add the calendar view to their calendar and can RSVP to whichever meeting occurrence works best for them.

We're trying to increase the number of new members that attend these meetings, and we think setting up a registration process where they select the time/date that works best for them (from the list of scheduled recurring meetings) would help in a few ways:

  • It would hold people more accountable for showing up
  • It would provide us the data needed to track trends (of total customers, how many are registered & how many are showing up)
  • It would provide us the data needed to send follow-up communications (ie if a new customer hasn't registered, send an email reminders etc)

We're thinking the experience would look something like this:

  • User is directed to an Unbounce landing page with Hubspot form
  • User chooses meeting time from dropdown within form
  • Contact is registered for Zoom meeting & is sent an invite (we have access to Zapier as a possible solution for this step)

Looking for advice on the best way to set something like this up. 

PS - I explored the Zoom app integration a bit, but to me, it looks like it's more geared towards scheduling new meetings and wouldn't help for this type of application

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How to setup a registration process for Zoom meetings


we do have the same scenario.

Currently we use Zooms Meeting Registration with multiple occurences. We then share this registration page URL / Link on our HS Sites or via E-Mail.  

Our issue with this aproach ist, that HubSpot has no clue about what's happening. The Zoom integration is currently not capable of detecting registrations or attendence for/to Meetings. ☹️  So we need to manually search and mark all meetings attendees in HS. Tedious manual work.

For Zoom Webinars, this is working. Registration and Attendence is loged as activity and can be used as Workflow Trigger.  Would be really helpful if Meetings could do the same. (I know it's more difficult to fetch this informaiton from Zooms API, but it is possible.)

Furhtermore it would be great to have such a meeting registration within HubSpot. 

In theory, the easiest way would be to allow multiple Registrations on one Time-Slot within the Meeting-Planer.  ... mimic the Zoom Meeting (with multiple occurences) Registration.

Another soltution would be to enhance the Zoom integration and allow to register Kontakts to a Zoom Meeting (Occurence) via Workflow. So we could setup a form within HS and on submition, the Kontakt is registered to the Zoom Meeting.

... just guessing

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Community Manager

How to setup a registration process for Zoom meetings

Hi @DHutchins,

Thank you for asking the Community, great question!

I'd like to invite a couple of subject matter experts and some Community Members to this conversation: Hi @HubDoPete, @johnelmer, @LINCScott, @JackieLalley, @PKataria  and @jolle do you have suggestions for the best way to set up the use case that @DHutchins shared with us, please?

Also, if anybody else has anything to add and/or share, please feel free to join in the conversation 🙂

Thank you very much and have a lovely day!


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