How to create workflows regarding cancelling and rescheduling meetings via Calendly?


How can you update or create workflows based off whether meetings have been canceled or resceduled via Calendly integration? 

I am currently using Calendly as a method of booking meetings, whereby I have workflows that transfer basic invitee information to Hubspot. I use these workflows to create automated emails etc. 

I would like to also create workflows that also act upon the rescheduling or cancelling of events on Calendly in Hubspot workflows and wondered if there are any methods of updating contact properties if someone reschedules/cancels.


For cancelling: I thought of copying the "Meeting name" or the "Meeting description" property that includes the word "Cancaled" into the "Meeting Outcome" property, however that doesn't seem to work. 


For rescheduling: I tried to re-enroll contacts who rescheduled the meetings into certain workflows, however that doesn't seem to work either, whereby they don't receive their respective emails that is supposed to be sent when they reschedule or pick another option in Calendly, nor do they have their properties updated to match the new meeting details as well.


Does anyone here have a solution to this issue?

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Hi @lmire


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


I believe you're trying to achieve something similar to what @MrJustinGivens describes in his reply to this Community post?  


You mentioned that the workflows you've set up don't work - if you go to your workflow and go to the History tab, do you see any error being surfaced here? Thank you!


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Thanks for the reply, however that is not quite it, I want to send emails when appointments get canceled. but i'm not sure how to do that as there isn't a property that contains the status of the meeting from Calendly.

I also want to send appropriate emails when people reschedule their appointments, e.g. When someone has already booked online through calendly, their information gets sent to Hubspot, and they receive specific emails based off their answers, but then they reschedule their appointment again, and this time they change some of their answers, which would prompt for different emails being sent based off their new answers. 

I tried to add re-enrollment into the workflow to deal with reschedulement, but the information on their Hubspot still doesn't change accordingly and the new emails will not get sent.