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How to create a workflow in Hubspot with SurveyMonkey Integration

Hello! If anyone can help, currently my company uses SurveyMonkey to collect responses from customers (eg. Net Promoter Score, Contests). I'm currently in the process of creating a workflow based on form submissions but the current tutorial on SurveyMonkey marketplace is old:


What steps should I take for a SurveyMonkey form submission trigger in my workflow? 



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How to create a workflow in Hubspot with SurveyMonkey Integration

Hi @MJimenez221,


When you integrate SurveyMonkey with HubSpot and grant the necessary permissions, all forms created in SurveyMonkey will be reflected in HubSpot. Follow these steps to set up your workflow:


  • Identify the Form: Choose the specific SurveyMonkey form you want to use in the workflow.
  • Set Up the Workflow:
    • In HubSpot, go to Automation > Workflows.
    • Create a new contact-based workflow.
    • Choose a trigger based on an Event or Filter:
      • For event-based automation, select the enrollment trigger upon an event occurrence. Add a criterion for form submission, and specify another criterion for the form name and select the SurveyMonkey form.
      • For filter based automation, select the enrollment trigger when filter criteria is met. Choose form submission and then specify the SurveyMonkey form.
  • Define Actions:
    • Add actions to the workflow, such as sending thank you emails, creating tasks, deals, or other follow-up activities.

With these steps, your workflow will trigger based on form submission, automating your desired actions.

Please let me know if this answers your query.