How to Integrate Outlook Calendar ?


So, I am running into a couple of issues here:


1. I need to sync Outlook Calendar with HubSpot. Office 365 isn't helping. How should I sync this?

2. I also need to include the "trigger" into the Workflow when someone schedules a meeting through this calender which is in the email. So essentially, when someone books an appointment, a notification email is sent to the Hubspot Owner through the "trigger" automated workflow. 


Now  - how do I accomplish these two things? Has anyone done this before and has the steps for this?


Thanks in advance community!



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Hi @sravi


Have you followed the steps in this guide to connect your calendar? If you are encountering an issue at any step in the process can you please send along a screenshot of what you're experiencing as well clarify where and when the issue is occuring? 


In regards to setting up a workflow, you can accomplish the goal by using the 'last meeting booked' contact property as the enrollment criteria, and then creating a task and associating it with the HubSpot owner (this will prompt an email to be sent to them). 



I find the same issue that we can't integrate our Outlook calender. 

The link you're referring to is not about integrating the outlook calender, but the Office 365 calender.