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How do I map Hubspot Contact fields to Salesforce Lead fields?

I have a custom SF field on both the lead and contact called 'Budget Ready'. They are mapped to each other in SF.


The Hubspot field 'Budget Ready' is only mapped to the SF contact budget ready field, and does not allow me to change it to the lead budget ready field.


The issue is that new leads that are not yet contacts, are missing these fields. How do I solve this and map the Hubspot Budget Ready to the SF Lead Budget Ready field?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

How do I map Hubspot Contact fields to Salesforce Lead fields?

Hi @fwho,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


Field mappings are dependent on the internal values used to set up the sync.


Referring to this guide here, field mappings depend on the HubSpot property and Salesforce fields that you set up. You can verify which Salesforce field is being mapped to by referring to the internal values/names. If this Salesforce field exists on both Lead and Contact objects with the same internal names, the HubSpot property will be mapped to both objects. More information about such mappings is discussed in this thread.


I can see that you have Technical Support included in your subscription. I would recommend contacting them to get real-time assistance with mapping. They will be able to take a look at your account configuration in HubSpot and provide next best steps. 




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