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How Can I Enter the Digital Marketing Side as a Sales Executive in a Wi-Fi Router Company?

Hello HubSpot Community, I'm currently working as a sales executive in a Wi-Fi Router company, and I'm interested in expanding my skill set to include digital marketing. I believe that leveraging digital marketing strategies can greatly benefit our company's efforts to promote our Wi-Fi routers. However, as someone with a background in sales rather than marketing, I'm unsure of where to begin and how to effectively promote our products in the digital marketing realm. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or advice from the experienced members of this community. Specifically, I'm looking for insights on the following: Recommended digital marketing channels: Which channels should I focus on to effectively promote our Wi-Fi routers? Are there specific platforms or strategies that have proven successful in the technology industry? Targeting the right audience: How can I identify and target the appropriate audience for our Wi-Fi routers in the digital space? Are there any tools or techniques that can help me segment and reach our potential customers more effectively? Creating engaging content: What are some effective ways to create compelling content that resonates with our target audience? How can I leverage storytelling, visuals, and other techniques to showcase the unique features and benefits of our Wi-Fi routers? Measuring success: How can I track and measure the effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts? What metrics should I focus on to gauge the impact and return on investment (ROI) of our promotional campaigns? Any insights, tips, or resources related to entering the digital marketing side as a sales executive in the Wi-Fi Router industry would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your valuable guidance!
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How Can I Enter the Digital Marketing Side as a Sales Executive in a Wi-Fi Router Company?

Hey @SofiaBaker I'm not too familiar with the marketing side of wifi-routers (outside of being a customer) but marketing is marketing! Adaptability is one of the key skills to success in any industry, skills can be tweaked and applied to any industry. 

There's loads of great resources available on the HubSpot academy to learn all about digital, and specifically inbound marketing strategies. I'd definnitely recomend the "inbound marketing" course as a jumping off point, it helps you define how you can identify target audiences and content to help market your products better!

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