Help with Gmail Integration


Greetings Hubspot community.

I've been using Hubspot integrated with my Google Gmail Account.

My problem is, sometimes, it simply is not integrated anymore. When I open a box to type my email, all Hubspot addons are gone. That usually happens from one day to another, or when I have to login again in my Gmail Account.

But in Hubspot, it says it is still integrated with that account. 

Im not sure what I should do or who I should talk to, because it is a bit of a bummer that I cant use this great funcionality of Hubspot correctly.

Ive just tried to integrate it again, but appears my Gmail Account is not changing for the Hubspot addons when you are tipying and email.

Thanks in advance for you support.

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Community Manager

Hi @feliperini


Can you specify what is disconnecting? Is the inbox disconnecting or is it the Chrome extension that is not populating? Any screenshots you can send along would be great. 

If you can follow the steps in this thread as well as confirm you have third party cookies enabled, that will be a good first step. 


Thank you,