HS-Salesforce delete contacts in HS - but how to prevent resync?

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Our HS-SF sync inclusion list includes everyone with a SF contact ID, SF lead ID from MQL onwards. However, due to e.g. legacy direct uploads to SF, there are some subs-leads on both systems.


I have a large number of junk and long term inactive records that have previously been synced.

I want to delete them from HS.

But I don't have the rights - or the will in the organization - to delete them from SF.


-> How can I stop deletions from Hubspot immediately resyncing from SF - what trick could I use - I don't to just add them to the inclusion (exclusion!) list  - if one becomes active again in future I want her to be able to sync...?



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Hi, @auto_mate. There is no way to delete a record in HubSpot and not have the sync trigger for its matchecd record in Salesforce. Deleting HubSpot contacts won't delete the Salesforce record, either, even if you did have the necessary privileges there.


Even with auto-add enabled, the behavior you're describing shouldn't exist with the connector, unless something's changed recently. If the HubSpot contact has been disabled, subsequent udpates to the (now-orphaned) Salesforce record shouldn't recreate the HubSpot contact. 


Are you saying that, after deleting from HubSpot, an update in Salesforce recreates the HubSpot contact? 


Regardless, since you don't have control over Salesforce-side deletes, you may want to talk with Salesforce admins on your side, to work out some sort of scheme. I'm assuming that records deleted in HubSpot aren't wanted in Salesforce. You may want to create some kind of helper field (mapped to Salesforce), like a checkbox, that you can mark when you process HubSpot-side deletes. Then, Salesforce administrators can periodically delete unwanted records from Salesforce using the mapped helper field. 

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