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HR Recruitment Obstacle

I'm coming across a consistent obstacle for my clients- Recruitment. I build a recruitment program out in HubSpot, with ads, LPs, Applicant forms, Sequences etc. THEN... my client's HR department announces they are changing software and all applications have to be on their new platform and taken off of HubSpot. 


HR see's a division between HubSpot and what other softwares can do.


Recruitment Marketing is bigger than ever right now and HR platforms are becoming an obstacle. Remember when sales thought marketing was of no use to them? I see that happening now with HR departments. 


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE more HR integrations with HubSpot so we can have access to more closed-looped solutions and data inside HubSpot. 


Ya'll already know this is a problem I bet... I bet HubSpot will roll out their own HR hub (quickly please 😉 ), I can upsell that ALL DAY!


Anyone else experiencing these roadblocks?

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Participant | Diamond Partner

HR Recruitment Obstacle

Well said, Kelly! This is a very important issue to be able to track 360º recruitment marketing attribution inside HubSpot. I'd love to see more integrations here too, at the very least. 

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HR Recruitment Obstacle

Hi @KKranz ,

Although we are managing both our Recruitment and HR process on HubSpot, I completely agree with you that more HR integration will be good and the HR hub will be much much better 🙂 I will advise you to submit this idea in the idea section of the community. Maybe someday we will get it.

Hope this helps!

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