Growthbot connection to HubSpot not working.

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Hello.  Growthbot is in my slack channel and when I asked him to connect my HubSpot account to him he provides a link.  The link is http not https and it resolves with an error when I go to it.  I tried manually adding ths "s" to http but it still gives me an error.


How do I solve this and connect GrowthBot?  I need to do this so I can add contacts to my CRM straight from slack when I'm querying GrowthBot about things.

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Hi @Kinderlime, thanks for posting, apologies for the delay in response here. Are you still having trouble with growthbot? Would it be possible for you to include the link provided here as well as a screenshot of the directions? Thanks! 

HubSpot Product Team

That was indeed a bug a while ago, but I think it's been fixed.

Can you retry when you get a chance?


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