GoToWebinar Attendee Actions in Lead Record

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While GoToWebinar passes a good amount of information to lead records via the integration, the only thing you can take action on via lists or workflows is whether a lead Registered, Attended, or Did Not Attend. For example below, Candace answered a poll, and though the record of it passes through, there is nothing I can do with that information besides see it:

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 1.05.34 PM.png

In the above case, we wanted people who answered "Yes" to automatically become MQLs and thus trigger sales outreach. Unfortunately, there is no way to automate this in HubSpot as you can't clue in on the Poll element via lists or workflows. 


GoToWebinar records a great deal of additional info about attendee action (time in webinar, time engaged, questions asked), all of which is conceivably useful for various forms of nurturing and lead scoring. It would be great if this GTW info was automatically appended to HubSpot fields.


In the meantime, here's the manual workaround:

-Export "Attendee Report" from GoToWebinar

-Create Custom Fields in HubSpot for any information you wish to take action on

-Import your GTW "Attendee Report", taking care to map respective columns to your new Custom Fields

-Build lists and workflows based on specific webinar attendance insight


Happy HubSpotting!



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Thanks for raising this issue, I would be really interested in such additional features. Our team runs multiple webinars per week, and this lack of integration creates hours of manual work each week.

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Same problem exists with the Wistia integration

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We are testing out the HubSpot And Zoom Webinar integration and have the same issue when needing to import the attended/non-attended data from Zoom to HubSpot. 


When creating a new custom field to import this information, would you recommend to create a custom field for each individual webinar?  Or just one field?


E.g.: Multiple Custom Fields  

- Webinar #1: Attended Webinar #1? Yes/No dropdown 

- Webinar #2: Attended Webinar #2? Yes/No dropdown 


Or only create one custom field: Attended webinar? Yes/No dropdown

My concern is that with one field, we would overwrite the filed every time we have a new webinar. And the concern is with a new custom field for each webinar, we'll end up with a large number of custom fields. 


Thank in advance! 


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@MFrankJohnson@MPeach@Tanya do you have any suggestions regarding how to handle this sort of data? 



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