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Hello HubSpot Community. I recently wrote a blog post about reporting on data from your EventBrite and Salesforce integrations.


My question to all of you is: What other examples of integrations reporting would you find useful to get the most out of HubSpot’s reporting and data visualization capabilities?


As HubSpot’s library of integration partners grows, so too does the need to be aware of how you can showcase your progress with all the systems you integrate with HubSpot. I am excited to hear your thoughts in the threads below and continue posting.

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Hi @nkadaba,


Thanks for kicking off the conversation! I wanted to pull some of our contributors in who have discussed topics like this in the past. 


@SMinhas@LiorK, @CakeSolutions@gabriel-nextiny@Krystina@Spyros what types of integration reporting would you like to see?



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Hi Jenny,


It'll be great to have an option to 'filter' reports based on certain contact properties in the analytics tool. We have a report set-up in the dashboard with all the filters but the visualization isn't the best. For example, finding the total number of new contacts in this report on the dashboard is a bit of a process when it should be upfront. At present, I have to export this dashboard report as a list and then create tables etc in excel.

in short, it seems like there are many reporting tools available in Hubspot, but nothing that fits my team's reporting needs completely.