Excessive permissions needed for access to google site manager

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Has anyone else run into an issue where their company / IT security teams are not happy with giving so much away in order to access certain functionality?


For instance, in order to allow web page optimization tabs to pull data from google search console, I am prompted to give hubspot access to all of the following:


Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 15.20.23.png 


This is too much to ask to access small parts of functionality. I have access to a lot of documents in google drive and I don't see why I would want HubSpot to be able to delete all of my spreadsheets or email?!

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@ojobson as an app deleloper ourselves, this is pretty standard permissions for anything that is gmail related.  Otherwise, you can get into a whackamole situation with permissions and functionality not working.  I can all but gaurantee you that no person from HubSpot would be actually accessing your email, much less deleting your email (even if there was a bad actor, HubSpot has a ton of security measures in place).  Not sure that helps, but this is pretty standard.

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Thanks @Mike_Donnelly - that's useful information. It's diffuclt to provide evidence and assurances to our IT Sec teams that will placate their concerns. Hopefully some others may be able to corroborate your narrative. With enough evidence I can build a stronger case...




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@ojobson you may want to forward this link along to your security team.  https://www.hubspot.com/security  If you look at other tools that use gmail extensions like yesware, boomerang, etc. they'll all request the same permissions.  Those companies also don't have the security in place that HubSpot does.