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Eventbrite Reoccurring Events & Custom Q's

We have the Eventbrite app working but we have reoccurring events - the information that comes over from Eventbrite tells me the name of the event and the date the booking was made but not the actual event date - which could be one of 40 or more over the next few years!
Also, it doesn't bring over any data from custom questions answered on the Eventbrite booking form.  In notes would be fine - just anywhere would do. I know a Hubspot improvements survey was opened for this to be addressed a while ago but can't see that anything came from it.
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Community Manager

Eventbrite Reoccurring Events & Custom Q's

Hello @CJS 


I would like to share with you this knowledge base here, that mentions :


"Only standard Eventbrite registration properties (Cell Phone, Company, First Name, Last Name, Home Address, Job Title, and Website) will be synced to HubSpot. Custom properties will not be synced."


I hope this information helps.


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