Eventbrite Integration missing data in contact activity record


We have installed the HubSpot/Eventbrite integration, and it appears to be working partially (e.g., list of events to sync are present, as is the “last registered event” variable, etc.). However, when reviewing an individual contact record, Eventbrite-related activity is not present. If a new contact is created via the Eventbrite integration,  there is only activity that states “This contact was created from Offline Sources from Integration.” The contact’s registration and attendance, if applicable, to the event is not visible in the activity log.


Importantly, Eventbrite data does appear to be porting into HubSpot, as if we create a contact list that filters for registration and/or attendance to a specific event, an accurate list is generated.


I have tried removing and re-adding the integration, following the installation steps, but the issue persists. We are just looking to have Eventbrite activity show up in contact record activity logs. Thanks for any ideas!

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Hey @dataBase , thank you for your post.


Hmm intereting, only thing I can think of is the filter on the timeline. Could you check if you selected all of the options within the filter so that all of the acitivities would appear in the timeline?



If adjusting the filter doesn't solve this, could you please share some example contact records where you're supposed to see Eventbrite information on timeline? (You can paste the URL of records in your response.)