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Event integrations in customer journey analytics

The App Marketplace’s recommended event integrations are now available to use with customer journey analytics to visualize and gain valuable insights into how events play a role in the customer journey.


Built on HubSpot’s Marketing Events API, these integrations sync event data from popular event software to HubSpot’s marketing events object . From there, you can use the data––including details such as contacts’ registration, cancellation of registration, the event's name, duration of attendance, and more–to segment lists, create reports, and more within HubSpot. Available integrations include:


Why does it matter?

With so many ways for leads to engage with your brand, you need a new type of reporting to calibrate your marketing strategy. It can be especially difficult to gain visibility into how your events play a role in your customers’ journeys and impact your lead pipeline.


Now, you can use HubSpot’s recommended event integrations to sync event data to HubSpot and use it in customer journey reports, so you can hone in on any part of the customer journey to understand what path drives high quality leads.


How to use these integrations in a journey report:

Navigate to Contacts > Contacts. In the upper left, click Contacts and in the dropdown menu, select Marketing events to get to the marketing events object. Select Connect an event app.




A side panel will appear on the right where you can browse and select an app from the list of event integrations that work with marketing events object.



Then next time a contact registers for, attends, or cancels registration for your event, that data will appear in the marketing events object, so you can then use it to segment lists, build reports, and more. 


To create a journey report, navigate to Reports > Reports. Then in the upper right, click Create report. In the Build from scratch section, select Journey Reports. In the left panel, configure your report and add marketing events to the report:



Build a journey report with the marketing event data, including contact's registration or attendance of a marketing event, and filter by specific properties.




The HubSpot App Marketplace is available to all customers. Access will vary depending on which app customers use: reference the app’s listing page in HubSpot’s App Marketplace for required subscription levels and permissions.


Customer journey analytics is available to all Marketing Hub Enterprise customers.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these integrations! Have you used any of them before?

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