Email Spoofing


Hi All,


I would like to know if is there are any integrations or workarounds that allows us to spoof the from address of emails sent from HubSpot just like how the Formaidable forms Plugin can be used to do the same in Wordpress.


The Requiremnt is as follows: 

When a user say ( submits a form then an email notification/ Contact reconversion email that is  triggered will have the from address


Instead of the from address being ,we want it be that of the user that is submitting the form which will be in this case.


This is so that service agents that are receiving the email can directly reply on this reconversion email later on without having to manually change the from address to that of the user everytime.


is there any workaround/ integration that would allow us to do this 😕

Any help would be deeply appreciated.


Thank you

Aparna Revi

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Community Manager

Hi @aparnarevi 


Thank you for reaching out. 


This is not something possible in HubSpot, however i'll tag some of our experts to see if they came across this question before - @Josh @Mike_Eastwood do you have any thoughts on this for @aparnarevi ? 


Thank you



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