Delete internal contacts - GSuite integration


Our company is using the HubSpot extension in Gmail, which allows for the logging/tracking of emails.  We do not want to track every internal email, since we don't want the entire internal HubSpot user base to see emails about budgeting, personnel issues, etc.  I tried deleting all of our internal contacts from HubSpot to prevent this from happening (and my default on the extension is set to NOT track/log any emails at all), but it appears they are somehow being automatically being added back in every time I send an email to another internal contact/employee.  Does anyone know how to make this stop? Thank you!

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A couple of things to look at here.  First block the IP addesses for you company:


This will block notifications, email opens, and other items like page views. Best practice for analytics tracking as well. 


I would not delete the user out of the system, keep them in there and the functionality of the Logging and tracking should work. 


This article explain the Log in CRM feature:


This article explains the Email Tracking feature:


I think what is happening is when you delete the contact out of Hubspot and send mail it auto reconginizes the user not in the system and recreates the contact. There has been articles and requests for Hubspot to fix this. If you leave the contact in the system and block the IP, and uncheck the log button this should fix your issue.